Friday, December 27, 2013

"Ravens Always Come Back..."

Sooo, first things first: THANK YOU to each and every person who has read Beautiful Failure so far! The response has been overwhelming and I'm totally grateful for the fact that you've let Emerald and Carter into your lives :-) I've met some of the most amazing bloggers while on the blog tour (Special thanks to Mary Elizabeth of Mary Elizabeth's Crazy Book Obsession) and I can't wait to finish my online collage of all the amazing reviews that were written :-)

Second, why didn't anyone tell me that the old cover (while pretty in an enlarged state) resembled the perfect example of fugliness with extra shit on the side as a thumbnail? Like, seriously, you could've told me...LOL! I've changed it for now, but I'll probably change it again so...Yeah :-)

Third, someone asked me when the second book was coming out earlier and I was like, "I'm supposed to be writing a second book? Really? I was getting pretty attached to doing nothing..." Soon, my friend. Soon. :-)

My life has been a fucking mess (A. Fucking. Mess.) over the past ten days because of randomness I'll get into later this week, but the best part has been receiving the awesome emails/messages from you...THANK YOU. They mean the world to me :-)

I'm honestly honored and humbled to be on your bookshelf, and I hope you'll have me again.

Hope your holidays were FANTASTIC!

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