Monday, March 17, 2014

**Beautiful Temptation Blurb**

If you're expecting profound confessions of love, unfounded drama for the sake of drama, or a happily ever after with rainbows and unicorns, stay far away from this fucking book... 

 Last summer, I felt things I'd never felt before. I finally realized what it meant to live, to laugh, to (almost) love... 
 Despite those newfound emotions, I had to leave behind the only friends I'd ever known, and the first man who'd ever genuinely cared about me. Carter Black. 

 At least, I 'thought' I'd left him... He's back in my life in a role I'd never imagined--slowly revealing layers of himself and showing me who he really is, but I'm not sure if it's enough. Being with him will always be a challenge--a struggle, and now that I'm seeing the possibility of a new type of life, I'm not sure if he and I should be together. 

 Besides, old habits die hard, and new ways die even harder. You knew I was going to fuck this up... #BeautifulTemptation

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