Monday, October 13, 2014

Beautiful Temptation, Beauty Hurts, & Other Great Shit :-)

Dear Awesome Readers,

I have good news, bad news, and GREAT news. Let's start with the bad and get that out of the way: It took me ALOT longer to finish Beautiful Temptation than I'd originally expected. I was honestly planning to have it out in January/February of this year, but a few unforeseen (and rather unfortunate) circumstances got in the way of that and I truly hope you understand.

GOOD NEWS: I changed the cover of Beautiful Failure for the last time I swear! LOL Thank you Najla Qamber Designs for re-designing it and giving it a unique look that fits with the rest of the series.

(Beautiful Failure on amazon ---> )

 GREAT NEWS: The "rest of the series" now includes Beauty Hurts, a prequel that will come out around the same time as Beautiful Temptation. I am super excited to release BOTH of these books to you, and to make up for the wait, Beauty Hurts (which is Leah's story--Trust me, you'll like her ) will be 99 cents on release day!!

I hope this news makes you happy, and I'll be releasing more details in the days to come!



  1. HI Mariah ame tu primer libro, así que estoy esperando Beautiful Temptation y la precuela gracias por la información, estaré pendiente.

  2. Quick question about Beauty Hurts! I understand its a prequel. So is Leah a new character or was she in the last book? And Mr. Donovon was Emerald's boss right? It's been so long I can't remember all the characters. Hope the writing is going well! ��